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Aldi – Veg Heads

In Spring 2017 I received a lovely email from a German Advertising Agency Oliver Voss, asking if I could design and make some character heads out of German Supermarket Aldi’s produce. Photographer Rene Riis had found me while he was searching for a puppet maker for the job. It was a joy to be found through the route of puppet making and a pleasure to work with such a professional team in Hamburg!


I spent weeks buying fruit and veg in the UK, constructing a photographing many mock ups before we decided upon our heads. The challenge then was to recreate them in 1 day in Hamburg. We discovered different countries have different favoured varieties of produce and in particular finding the right cabbage, carrots and jacket potatoes was quite a challenge. It was so much fun and really enjoyable to be encouraged to play with my food. Thank you in particular to Frank Küppers, René Riis and Tobias Stuhlmann.

2017-06-09 10.57.43